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Awards Information
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Friends of a School Nurse
Description: To acknowledge a person or group of school nursing who has made a statewide contributin to assist MASN in achieving its goal of quality health care for all Missouri children.
Eligibility: Any person or group outside of school nursing who has made a statewide contribution to assist MASN in achieving its goal of quality health care for all Missouri children.

Procedure for Submission of Application:
1. Any school nurse who is a member of a MASN district affiliate and MASN many nominate a person or group meeting the above objective.
2. The letter of recommendation (the original plus two copies) should be submitted by the nominee's representative, postmarked no later than January 15, to the Awards Committee chair.

Selection Procedure:
1. Letter of recommendation must be postmarked no later than January 15.
2. More than one Friends of School Nursing award may be granted annually.
3. If nominee does not meet eligibility or submission criteria, letter of recommendation will be returned prior to reviewing with a letter of explanation from the Awards Committee chair.
4. Awards Committee reviews the letter(s) of recommendation.
5. The Awards Committee will recommend a nominee or nominees to the Executive Committee by February 15.
6. President will notify the Awards Committee chair of the recipient(s) selected by the Executive Committee by March 1.

Award Process:
1. Following approval by the Executive Committee, the president will notify the recipient(s), the individual(s) submitting the nomination(s), and their MASN district president(s).
2. Awards Committee will purchase a framed certificate and coordinate the purchase of corsage(s) for the award recipient(s) with the MASN district conference host. The Awards Committee chair will present the certificate at the annual meeting.
3. The honoree(s) and one guest will have luncheon or banquet dinner cost paid for by MASN.

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